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LUT-related Information:

LUT_Group Discussion List - The place for all LUT-related discussions.
LUT in the yard - Doug Forrest's and Ross Tierney's photos of LUT 1 in pieces behind the administration buildings at KSC.
The history of the LUT - What did the LUT actually do in the space program?
A Bid To Save A Modern Day Santa Maria - The Preservation Story of the Last Apollo-Saturn Launch Umbilical Tower by Doug Forrest, published in 'Spaceflight', December 2001. (Use 'Save As...' to save this Word document to your own computer).
A Legacy for the Future: Preserving Space-Related Historic Sites - John R. London III's wrote this document as part of his and Joe Fury's 1983 "Apollo Society" attempt to save the LUT. (Use 'Save As...' to save this Word document to your own computer).

Apollo Reference Material:

Project Apollo Image Gallery - Kipp Teague's collection of high-quality Apollo images
Apollo Saturn Reference Page - John Duncan's extensive library of Apollo information

Other Useful Resources:

Inside KSC - Rick Fischer's fantastic website
LUT-related photos
General LUT-related files
Tim Maw's architectural drawings and photos of the LUT
David Weeks' superb LUT drawings
KSC Redevelopment Scheme - Fred Becker's original inspiration - a hypothetical proposal to bring the tourist attractions at KSC into the 21st Century.
Ross Tierney's photoetch model kit files

Website Updates:

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