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What we have done already:

  • Formed the organization.
  • Appointed an executive board.
  • Initially inspected the LUT segments to confirm they are still sound enough to rebuild safely - Confirmed, June 26th 2003.
  • Chosen a Corporate name.
What we still have to do:

Stage 1: Now to February 28th

  • Adopt a unified Mission Statement.
  • Make the organization a full non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation - scheduled for January 2004.
  • Contact NASA with our draft proposal.
  • Contact the Smithsonian Institute about running and maintaining the tower once it is rebuilt.
  • Contact the National Trust for Historic Preservation to get the LUT put back on the America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places list.

Stage 2: March 1st to July 19th

  • Announce the project to the Press.
  • Contact Press Site at KSC to coordinate events there to fit some appropriate time in for our campaign with the VIP's.
  • Contact Discovery Channel/History Channel/National Geographic to produce a fly-on-the-wall documentary of the story of the campaign (similar to Discovery's 'The raising of Liberty Bell 7').
  • Obtain appropriate NASA approval for the new location for the LUT.
  • Approach Smithsonian about taking control of LUT segments in the Saturn-V Center for reintegrating into the tower and rebuilding the display there with the two last segments of LUT 2 out near the 'Arm Farm' and a crane boom from the Shuttle towers (also stored in the LUT yard).
  • As a publicity exercise, organize to clear the boneyard site of overgrown weeds with a group of volunteers, and film it.
  • Organize funding for a detailed survey of the entire structure (Discovery Channel?)
  • Commission a detailed survey of the LUT.
  • Use detailed survey to accurately estimate the required costs for reconstruction (expected between $20-80 million).
  • Send out prospective contacts to all the VIP's we would like to get supporting the campaign.

Stage 3: July 20th to July 31st

  • Organize all the VIP's for the 35th Anniversary celebrations of the Moon landing on July 20th 2004, so that they can also take a moment to support the campaign while they are in the area - so we can make the most capital of the good publicity.
  • Get the press to run with the story.
  • Use this publicity as the launch-pad to approach serious potential investors:
    • Historical preservation trusts: i.e. National Trust for Historic Preservation
    • Large corporations: i.e. Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop Grumman, Oracle, Microsoft, Verizon
    • Governments (US & Foreign)
    • Private individuals.

Stage 4: August 1st to September 31st

  • Collect bids from contractors for refurbishing the LUT.
  • Collect bids for rebuilding the LUT.

Stage 5: October 1st 2004 to July 15th 2009

  • Refurbish the LUT.
  • Build the Mobile Launcher Platform (MLP) for the LUT to be fixed to.
  • Rebuild the LUT.
  • Build a Saturn-V Replica.

Stage 6: July 16th 2009

  • Dedicate the LUT as a new Monument to the Apollo Program on the 40th Anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11-.

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