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How can you show your support:

First Sign the On-line Petiton:

Please click here to show your support for rebuilding the LUT by signing our new on-line Petition.

Then please consider writing to your government representatives:

We ask you to please take an extra moment of your time and help us to really make a difference:

Hard-copy letters always carry a lot more 'weight' in the eyes of a recipient than any e-mails, so spending a little extra time and effort of printing a letter, signing it and posting it to your representative is worth the equivalent of perhaps 10 e-mails. Of course, e-mailing and writing is the very best way to get someone's attention!

So to help make the job much easier, below is a form letter for you to copy and post, or edit and post. Links to your local representatives are also provided below so you can easily find the addresses to send to.

The team behind the Space Restoration Society sincerly thank-you in advance for taking the time to really show your support for us.

---=== Start your Letter ===---

Dear Senator __(last name of Senate Member)
[Use this link to find your local Senate member]


Dear Representative __(last name of House Member)
[Use this link to find your local House member]


Dear Mr. President
[Address: The President of the United States of America, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500, or E-mail]


Dear Mr. Vice-President
[Address: The Vice-President of the United States of America, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500, or E-mail]


Dear Mr. Sean O'Keefe (*requires re-wording of the letter to suit*)
[Address: NASA Administrator, NASA Headquarters, 300 E Street SW, Washington DC 20024-3210]

Please help me with a very serious and time sensitive matter. I know that you are as concerned as I am about preserving endangered artifacts from our nation's past. Future generations will partially judge us by how we act to preserve our unique and special American heritage. A significant historical artifact might soon be lost forever. The opportunity exists to create an appropriate monument for the education and inspiration of ourselves and future generations.

Please allow me to first provide a little background perspective for this issue. The Apollo 11 expedition to the moon united America and the world when Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins successfully realized one of mankind's oldest dreams by reaching the moon and returning safely to earth. One of the largest, yet most precious relics of Apollo 11 may be within mere hours of destruction unless you and your colleagues in Washington can act to prevent a tragic loss.

The Apollo 11 Launch Umbilical Tower (LUT #1) was dismantled after the Apollo program and now sits in a vacant lot at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. In the summer of 1969, the Apollo 11 Saturn V rocket was umbilically and mechanically mated to Launch Umbilical Tower #1. Apollo 11 would never have left the ground without LUT #1. This same launch tower is now in immediate danger of being stripped and melted down for recycling. NASA says "contaminants" from LUT #1, have seeped into local groundwater. A small, but rapidly-growing circle of space history preservationists are attempting to find a way to clean up and save LUT #1 from destruction and to eventually restore the huge steel tower to a resemblance of its former glory as a lasting standing monument to the efforts, achievements and sacrifices made in Project Apollo.

About an hour to the west of Merritt Island, visitors to Walt Disney World can take a fantasy voyage to Mars. Most of the daily guests at Orlando's fantasy theme parks are probably only vaguely aware that one of mankind's greatest fantasies came true just down the road at Launch Complex 39A. It would be a terrible tragedy to let this important piece of real history--- the Apollo LUT #1--- disappear at that sacred place where 20,000-year-old dreams met reality. Your immediate assistance is urgently needed.

Please know that I support the "emergency" LUT #1 preservation effort by the Space Restoration Society. The Space Restoration Society is organizing as a non-profit trust that intends to raise the funds for complete restoration and long-term preservation of LUT #1. My purpose in writing you is to respectfully ask you to contact NASA and other members of government about this urgent issue. NASA has temporarily halted the demolition work that was scheduled for this week. NASA needs to hear from you and your colleagues about this matter as soon as possible. A restored LUT #1 should be dedicated as a Monument to the men and women of Project Apollo who worked and risked so much to make an impossible dream come true for this great nation. Thank you for caring.

P.S.- Here is the main web page for the Space Restoration Society:

The latest news about the LUT #1 crisis can be found on that page.

Sincerely, (your full name)
[Please also include your full postal mailing address at the bottom of any letter to a government representative, even when using e-mail]

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